BLURRY IMAGES on second day after uploading using free account.

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BLURRY IMAGES on second day after uploading using free account.

I come to the site and read the first page it says:

"It's free!
Most features are completely free. Advanced features for professionals are only $2/month."

I say OK, its free to put images on ebay, so I used the free account and uploaded my image links to ebay nicely, it all worked, all images displayed nicely. 1 full day passed with all images working nicely. Then on the second day, SHOCK. Two of the images is are BLURRY, WHAT??? So I open a new 2 new browsers (chrome,firefox) to double check this issues I have with explorer and SHOCK same thing.

My image have been shrinked and blurred, so I come back to this site to check but I have no access to my images, anonymous free account they say - OK. I go to forum and see other people with this issue, after reading their issues im shocked to find out that, I NEED TO GET A PREMIUM ACCOUNT TO SHOW MY IMAGES THE WAY THEY WHERE ON THE FIRST DAY OF UPLOADING  ----- SHOCK.

More reseach on the site only to see this part, in FAQ = "My images are blurry or small
This happens when you put large images in your listing without having a Premium Account"

FAIR ENOUGH, u blurred my images on purpose after I listed my images one ebay, its a business after all. But your home page should say"free medium sided images will be blurred after a day on ebay", why say it after I have listed on ebay giving me a false impression that putting these medium sized images like this is free. You should say FREE SMALL IMAGES allowed to upload to ebay for free accounts. Then I would have known and decided to order or not then a premium account. NOT FAIR that all im saying not fair.


NO HIDDEN CHARGES and 100% free.

I am saddened by this trick jpegbay.
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Re: BLURRY IMAGES on second day after uploading using free account.

This is not a "trick" on our side but rather a unintended effect of browser caching. When you upload an image your browser caches a full version of it (it HAS to be full when you view it from JPEGbay). Then you put it in eBay and it keeps being full but only in your browser (because it caches it). Other users see it small/blurry from day 0 (not the next day as you suggest).

Also instead of spending time writing your "rant" (and advertising other sites...), you could read one more sentence from our FAQ and you'd see that you can activate 1 month premium account for free. Your images would become sharp&big again, at least for 1 month.
"You can have the Premium account for 1 month for free! Just activate the trial period. You can do it after you log in - click Settings, select the Payments tab and click the "Activate Trial" button."

Anyway - OK. I see your point. Will see if we can do anything to make this blurrying thing less annoying or at least less unexpected.